Welcome to Euestrogenemia. Euestrogenemia is a physiological concept that has arisen from nearly 50 years of study of the role of estrogen in women and in men. Euestrogenemia is a long word but is easy to understand.

Eu- = The true and good

-estrogen =

-emia = concentration (of estrogen) in the cell and serum at which the more than 3600 estrogen receptors in the body function optimally.

Irwin J. Kerber, MD and Ralph J. Turner, MD, began writing on the topic after the premature cessation of the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) on July 9, 2002. We published this concept as a letter to the editor in the Journal of Applied Physiology in November 2005. There had been more that 40 years of research on the role of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) by that time. Over the next decade, the advances in basic science began to give the understanding of what we clinicians had seen in their patients who used HRT. We are proud to announce the publication of the most complete manuscript on the topic, A Theory of Euestrogenemia — a Unifying Concept.

The PDF for Open Access is on the right side of that page.

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